Sylvia, Starring Matthew Broderick & Annaleigh Ashford, to Close Early

first_imgBroadway is set to say farewell to its most exceptionally engaging canine. Sylvia, starring Tony winners Matthew Broderick and Annaleigh Ashford, will shutter early on January 3, 2016; the production had been scheduled to play a limited engagement through January 24. At time of closing, A.R. Gurney’s play will have played 27 previews and 79 regular performances at the Cort Theatre.In Sylvia, the world of a middle-aged New York couple is turned topsy-turvy when the husband (Broderick) brings home an exceptionally engaging canine (Ashford) running loose in Central Park. The original 1995 off-Broadway production starred Broderick’s wife, Sarah Jessica Parker. This incarnation marks the show’s Broadway premiere.Directed by Daniel Sullivan, the cast also includes Tony winner Julie White and Robert Sella. The production opened on October customers with tickets to canceled performances will be contacted with information on refunds or exchanges. View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 3, 2016 Sylvia Related Showslast_img read more

Robert Duvall joins Welch, Poe to call on Wal-Mart to preserve Civil War site

first_imgUS Reps. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) and Ted Poe (R-Texas) joined Academy Award-winning actor Robert Duvall at Wilderness Battlefield today to speak out against Wal-Mart s plans to build a super store on the historic Virginia site.If built, the store would stand across the road from the national park commemorating the bloody struggle and within the battlefield s historic footprint.The Congressmen and Duvall spoke a day before the 145th anniversary of the Battle of the Wilderness, which claimed the lives of 29,000 American soldiers. An estimated 1,234 Vermonters lost their lives during the course of the two-day battle, which began May 5, 1864. The 1st Vermont Brigade s brave stand at the Battle of the Wilderness exemplifies the spirit and sacrifice of Vermont troops in all conflicts our country has faced. This hallowed ground must be protected and preserved so that future generations of Vermonters can appreciate our state s crucial role in saving the Union, Welch said. I am hopeful that Wal-Mart will respect the history and tradition of the Wilderness site and reconsider its plan to build a store in such close proximity to this treasured landmark.Welch and Poe toured the battlefield site Monday morning, visiting monuments to the Vermont and Texas troops who perished there. The Vermont monument, a 17-ton granite depiction of Camel s Hump carved at Barre s Rock of Ages quarry, stands on a 435-acre plot of land that was preserved with funding secured by former Sen. James Jeffords.Welch and Poe have been calling on Wal-Mart to change the location of its proposed store since February, when the two wrote CEO Mike Duke urging him to take action to preserve this vital piece of history. The Congressmen also took to the House floor in March to reiterate their opposition to the store s placement.During Monday s event Poe said, This land, like other battlefields in our country, is consecrated with the blood of Americans. Many are still buried here and known only to God. We owe these Americans the right to keep this battlefield preserved for history and not to have a corporation, like Wal-Mart, lay asphalt over their graves. I feel the definition of corporate responsibility must always extend to respecting America s hallowed grounds. Those values should not be eroded for the sake of Wal-Mart s commercial gain.Duvall, who portrayed ancestor Gen. Robert E. Lee in the 2003 film Gods and Generals, said, The Wal-Mart Corporation has it within its power to be a savior of the Wilderness Battlefield. Simply by moving to an alternate location slightly further from the battlefield, they have the ability to protect this critical piece of American history for generations to come.Source: Congressman Welch. Orange County, VAlast_img read more

Operations Targeting Los Zetas Are Extended to Other Areas of Guatemala

first_img On 24 May, Guatemalan Interior Minister Carlos Menocal announced the extension to other regions of operations aimed at detaining members of the Mexican Los Zetas cartel, to whom the massacre of twenty-seven peasants on a rural property in the northern part of the country has been attributed. “The investigations have not been concentrated in Petén (where the massacre took place), but have been extended to other departments of the country such as Quetzaltenango (in the west), Huehuetenango (in the northwest), and Alta Verapaz (in the north). Results have been obtained thanks to the articulation of intelligence and discoveries stemming from different operations,” Menocal affirmed. By Dialogo May 26, 2011 This raises to twelve the number of suspects who have been detained in relation to this case. On 24 May, the police arrested an individual suspected of leading the Los Zetas hitmen who murdered and beheaded the twenty-seven peasants on the Petén rural property on 14 May, a massacre that provoked a strong reaction throughout Central America, President Alvaro Colom announced. last_img read more

CUNA Councils, an insider’s view

first_img 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Heather Moshier Ms. Heather Moshier began her banking career in 1982 as an accountant with Kearny Mesa Federal Credit Union (KMFCU), a locally based credit union. During her tenure with KMFCU, she … Web: Details It’s a name that you’ve probably seen at conferences, on pamphlets, sponsorship banners and many other places. As the various CUNA Council names start to show up more and more throughout our movement, my colleagues have become more intrigued, and have started to ask me what the Councils are like from the inside.Officially, the Councils are a series of national organizations that help credit union executives grow in their careers, connect with others at credit unions nationwide and utilize tools, resources and education designed to strengthen the credit union movement. Unofficially, they are a series of communities. Like any well-run community, Council members support, strengthen and learn from one another, no matter who or how far away. Here is what I specifically see when I look at CUNA Councils from the inside:Connection with the IndustryFor some leaders, collaboration with other credit unions ends as soon as the conference is over. They’ll gladly take the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn alongside others, but once they’re back in their office, they’re on their own again. The Councils take the opposite approach and make constant connectivity an absolute priority.As Council members, we’re always a few clicks away from a nationwide network of fellow leaders. In fact, the Councils even have their own social network called Councils Connect. Through Councils Connect, and each Council’s individual listserve, I can contribute to online discussion forums, make new connections via the membership directory, ask my peers for advice and even request vendor references, all by simply logging in.This level of connectivity allows us to take on sudden issues, brainstorm strategies and build solutions within a matter of a few hours, and without having to leave our offices. It means every Council member is able to lead their team with the wisdom and experience of an entire nation of leaders.Improvement Among Peers Of course, we don’t run our community entirely in a digital space. Each Council meets once a year to learn from one another, collaborate solutions together, network and celebrate the achievements of our peers. The annual conferences emphasize current issues and industry updates and spotlight experts who are most knowledgeable about our community’s greatest concerns and latest industry opportunities. In my opinion, it’s well worth the trip and extremely valuable to meet face-to-face with the people whom I have been connecting with all year.When we’re not gathering in person, the Councils gather around a virtual conference table. Each Council holds four virtual roundtables per year as a way to address hot topics affecting members’ roles and responsibilities. Since the quarterly roundtables are held online, but are treated as offline meetings, we’re often able to discuss and tackle important issues in a single sitting.The Council white papers are another strategic convenience worth mentioning. Council white papers are some of the most influential in the industry; they contain expert insights and case studies from our national network on topics that matter the most to our movement. They give readers a closer look at today’s most important trends, techniques and perspectives, which include advice on how to react to what’s coming next.Access to a Wealth of ResourcesOf course, advice and ideas will only get you so far. Eventually, solving a problem means you need cold hard data and implementation tools. Once again, the Councils use the strength of a community to make those tools readily available.The Councils have their own online file library that allows us to share and download resources from each other. The Council File Library puts everything from planning documents and templates, to policies and surveys, right at your fingertips. Council members are often first to respond to big shifts in the industry due to conveniences like the Council File Library and the In the News eNewsletter. These resources provide valuable information like advocacy and regulatory updates that we frequently need to reference.So there you have it; that is what I see from the inside of CUNA Councils. As you may have gathered, I’m pretty excited about the view!The CUNA Councils understand that a credit union’s success begins with the effectiveness of its executive team and the community surrounding that team, and they’ve assembled the resources and accessibility to cultivate that effectiveness. Membership is open to executives from credit unions of any asset size. To connect your credit union with one or more of the six Councils, visit the recently launched new website at read more

NCUA open forum today; live streaming available

first_imgNCUA today is hosting an Open Forum with credit union stakeholders. NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz has noted conversation on any topic relating to the agency is welcomed. The forum will be live-streamed on NCUA’s website.NAFCU members are encouraged to tune in to today’s event. In an email to members last week, NAFCU Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel Carrie Hunt urged credit unions to attend and to voice concerns about the agency’s operating budget and field-of-membership actions.Hunt, NAFCU Senior Regulatory Affairs Counsel Michael Emancipator and other NAFCU representatives will attend today’s event.NAFCU has long urged NCUA for greater transparency in its budgetary process. For the previous five years, NCUA has released and approved its annual budget without a formal hearing. In two weeks, the NCUA Board will vote on the agency’s 2016 budget. continue reading » 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

How to select fantastic images for your credit union website

first_imgIf you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you pick? We’re willing to bet it’s probably not your sense of sight. There’s a reason for this. Most humans rely heavily on their sense of sight to get by in this world. Vision claims far more real estate in the human brain than any other sense. About 30% of the neurons in our brain cortex are devoted to sight, compared to 8% for touch and 2% for hearing. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to select fantastic images for your credit union website design. Cheesy stock photos just don’t cut it. In this post, we’ll show you exactly what makes a great image for your credit union site, using plenty of examples.#1 BeautyPeople don’t trust credit unions with ugly websites. Naturally, your website visitors are much more likely to view your website unfavorably if it’s unattractive or uses poor imagery. Whether it’s a stunning nature scene or just a moment with the perfect lighting, try to find something beautiful in every single picture you choose. Take a look at this photo we chose for the homepage of a Diamond-Award-winning website, warm, golden light, the rule of thirds, the natural background, and even the color coordinated outfits all create a sense of beauty, while at the same time not looking too posed or overly polished. Notice the image also spans the entire width of the page. If you have a great image, don’t be afraid to make it big. Data suggests that larger images and higher conversions go hand in hand.#2 AuthenticityBeauty is one thing, but if beauty was all you were going for, why not just show a picture of Hawaii and call it a day? You also need authenticity in your images. Authenticity is incredibly important in the financial industry, because authenticity breeds trust.Consider this picture, also from women in the picture look like real people, not slickly dressed models. They are caught in a candid moment, instead of looking too posed. Contrast the image above with this image below and the difference shows:This image isn’t ugly, but it feels posed and inauthentic. #3 The human elementEven as babies, humans are drawn to faces. We recognize our other human faces, and we’re intrigued by them. Not only do we find other humans intriguing, but pictures with humans also help to create a story around a product or service, a story that your audience can see themselves in.Take a look at this screenshot from the Auto Loans page we designed for Yolo Federal Credit Union:On a typical auto loans page, you might see a photo of a car. However, the picture means so much more when you add the human element. It captures the eye and invokes imagination. Rather than just suggesting, “Here’s how your new car could look,” it instead says, “Here’s what you and your family could experience with a new car.” Adding a human element to any photo makes it feel more real and immediate. For example, compare the two credit card images below. 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Derik Krauss Derik is a cofounder of BloomCU, an award-winning website design agency for credit unions. His agency’s design work has received recognition from CUNA (Diamond Award),, and others. He … Web: Details Which image has more power?Which image has more power? In the picture on, we don’t see a face, but even just the hands holding the card lend more relevance to the photo when compared to a floating card all by itself.#4 BrandingLastly, you need to make sure the images on your site are true to your brand. Your brand is your greatest asset as a credit union, and your website should show that off. What makes you, and by extension your target audience, unique? What sets you apart? Are you a rural credit union primarily focused on serving farming communities? A credit union that serves a specific industry, like healthcare or construction? Whatever the case, show off your brand on your website by selecting beautiful, authentic, human images that help people understand who you are. Your visitors will see themselves when they land on your page, and they’ll feel right at home.Acadia’s welcoming staff is central to their brand, so their home pages features several staff photosGood branding is essential for successful websites. In our work as a credit union website design agency, we often go through several rounds of photo suggestions with clients to make sure the final selections truly represents their values and members. last_img read more

Labor union to hold massive protest in Jakarta despite physical distancing measures

first_imgKSPI president Said Iqbal said on Friday that the protest would be held in mid-April, involving 50,000 workers throughout Greater Jakarta in front of the legislative complex in Senayan, Central Jakarta.“We will protest the bill at any risk. If some parties disagree with our activity, just ask the House. They have triggered millions of Indonesian workers, something that does not need to happen amid the pandemic,” he said in a statement.Read also: Key points of labor reform in omnibus bill on job creation: What we know so farHe added that the workers were also not afraid to break the no-gathering policy, which is a part of the government’s efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Topics : “We feel threatened. First, the threat to our lives because we are still working during the pandemic. Second, the threat to our future due to the omnibus bill deliberation.”Civil society organizations, major labor unions and student organizations had previously prepared for street rallies in March to protest articles in the omnibus bill on job creation that — if passed — would harm labor rights, the environment and democracy. They also protested the bill’s less-than-transparent drafting process.However, the rallies were canceled due to the pandemic.Iqbal said deliberating the omnibus bill at a time like this showed that the lawmakers had no empathy for the people.Read also: Omnibus bill’s tripartite forum upsets labor unionsHe said the House should prioritize the handling of the pandemic rather than the omnibus bill.”The omnibus bill is not a solution to the layoff phenomenon during the pandemic. It’s not a solution for Indonesia’s economic growth problems due to the pandemic as well. It is clear that the omnibus bill is not being prepared in anticipation of the effects of COVID-19,” he said.The House on Thursday agreed to begin deliberation of the bill in a plenary session led by House Deputy Speaker Azis Syamsuddin of the Golkar Party, a party in President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s coalition.The party, led by Coordinating Economic Minister Airlangga Hartarto, has been the main supporter of the bill. Airlangga had previously visited some party leaders, both in the government coalition and outside in soliciting support for the bill.center_img One of Indonesia’s biggest labor groups, the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI), intends to hold a massive protest against the omnibus bill on job creation following the House of Representatives’ decision to start its deliberation during the coronavirus pandemic.last_img read more

Watch 4,000th Neopanamax Transit through Panama Canal

first_imgThe liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker Maria Energy has claimed the title of the 4,000th Neopanamax vessel to transit the expanded locks of the Panama Canal.The milestone was achieved on July 29 while the LNG tanker was traveling southbound from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.“The steady increase in Neopanamax transits reflect our customers’ confidence in the expanded canal, particularly with our fastest-growing segment,” said Panama Canal Administrator, Jorge L. Quijano.“This reaffirms the value and impact our route has had across global maritime trade, including the fast-growing LNG segment.”The Maria Energy was followed by another LNG tanker, the Maran Gas Alexandria, which also transited the Neopanamax locks in the southbound direction on Sunday. Maria Energy was loaded at Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass LNG export facility in Louisiana, while Maran Gas Alexandria was loaded in the Dominion Cove Point terminal in Maryland, USA.Image Courtesy: The Panama Canal AuthorityToday, the waterway regularly transits two LNG vessels the same direction in the same day, and has demonstrated the ability to transit up to three vessels the same day in the same direction during periods of uncharacteristically high demand.RelatedQuijano: We Have Had to Come Out of Our ShellThe Panama Canal announced in June that it will be lifting natural daylight restrictions for LNG transits on October 1, 2018, to offer added capacity to shippers. By lifting encounter restrictions, LNG vessels will also be able to navigate Gatun Lake at the same time, allowing two different LNG vessels to transit the canal the same day in two different directions, offering more flexibility to the segment.Of the 4,000 vessels that have transited to date, roughly 52 percent have been from the container segment. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vessels constitute another 27 percent, and LNG carriers, a relatively new segment to the Panama Canal, have been responsible for 10 percent of traffic. Dry and liquid bulk carriers, car carriers and cruise ships make up the remaining transits, data from the canal authority shows.last_img read more

Polarcus hired for Asia Pacific seismic survey

first_imgMarine seismic player Polarcus has been awarded a new XArray marine seismic acquisition project.In a brief announcement on Monday, the company said that the project would be in the Asia Pacific region.Polarcus said the survey would begin in the second quarter of 2020, with a duration of approximately 4 months.The company did not say who the client was, nor which vessel it would use for the project.The Polarcus XArray is an acquisition configuration developed by Polarcus to deliver ‘superior’ data quality and make full use of today’s larger streamer spreads.According to Polarcus, it improves both in-line shots by 100- 250 percent and cross-line bin density by up to 400 percent on any streamer separation and can be tailored to provide higher fold data, increase crossline sampling and improve acquisition efficiency.Offshore Energy Today StaffSpotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email.Also, if you’re interested in showcasing your company, product, or technology on Offshore Energy Today, please contact us via our advertising form, where you can also see our media kit.last_img read more

Nigeria army releases Boko Haram most wanted list

first_imgNigeria’s army has published photos of nearly 100 people whom it says are its most-wanted Boko Haram suspects. The army urged the public to phone special hotlines if any of the suspects were spotted, as it steps up efforts to hunt down the Islamist militants. President Muhammadu Buhari, who took office in May, has given the military a mid-November deadline to defeat them. Boko Haram has lost most of its territory this year but increased suicide attacks and bombings since May. Appeals for public co-operation are written in English as well as Hausa and Kanuri, the two main languages in Nigeria’s north-eastern areas where Boko Haram is most active.last_img