Vermont ranks high in cost of rental housing

first_imgAccording to the “2008 Between a Rock and a HardPlace: Housing and Wages in Vermont” Report published by the VermontHousing Finance Agency last month, eight of the ten top jobs in Vermont do notreach the housing wage of $16.07 per hour. The same goes for the top 9 fastestgrowing jobs in the state. The Housing Wage is the hourly wage a family must earn– working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year – to be able to affordrent and utilities in the private housing market. This represents an increaseof 40% since 2000.“Every year it is becoming more difficult forlow income families to find decent homes they can afford in Vermont,”said Erhard Mahnke, Coordinator for the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition.“This report clearly illustrates the pressing need for affordable housingin our communities.” National report shows Vermont housing ranks high amongleast affordable rural statesVermont’s high cost of housing highlighted in2007-2008 housing affordability reportBURLINGTON –Thisyear Vermont is the eighteenth most expensive state in the nation for renterscompared with 52 jurisdictions, including D.C. and Puerto Rico, according to anew report jointly released by the National Low Income Housing Coalition(NLIHC), a Washington, DC-based housing advocacy group, and the VermontAffordable Housing Coalition. An estimated 53% of renters in Vermont do not earnenough income to afford a two-bedroom unit at the Fair Market Rent.The report provides the Housing Wage and other housingaffordability data for every state, metropolitan area and county in thecountry. The full report is available online at is external). “As the economyslows and people are being pressed ever harder to make ends meet, we have tomake sure that we have enough affordable housing,” said John Fairbanks,Public Affairs Manager for the Vermont Housing Finance Agency.The situation for Vermonters living on disabilityincome is absolutely dire: with a monthly payment of only $689, they can affordno more than $207 for their housing costs—$444 short of the average costfor a one-bedroom apartment ($651 statewide). A worker making the minimum wage ($7.68/hour in Vermont)can only afford to pay $399 a month for rent and utilities, less than half thecost of a modest two-bedroom apartment. Working at the minimum wage, a familymust have at least two wage earners working full-time to keep a roof over theirheads. Susie Posner JonesRegional Partnership CoordinatorFranklin-Grand Isle CommunityPartnershipFranklin-Grand Isle United WayPO Box 387St Albans, VT 05478802.527.7418 sends e-mail)center_img The Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition is Vermont’sonly statewide organization dedicated to ensuring that all Vermonters havedecent, safe and affordable housing, particularly the state’s low andmoderate-income residents, elders, and people with disabilities. The Coalition’s 65 plus members represent mostof Vermont’s non-profit affordable housing developers, community land trusts,housing and homeless advocacy groups, public housing authorities, regionalplanners, funders, state agencies, and other organizations and individuals withan interest in affordable housing. Together, VAHC’s members providehousing and services to tens of thousands of Vermonters.Forinformation on the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition, is external). The typical renter in Vermont earns $10.81, which is$5.26 less than the hourly wage needed to afford a modest unit. Working at theminimum wage, a family must have 2.1 wage earners working full-time – orone full-time earner working 84 hours/week – to afford a modesttwo-bedroom apartment. As reported in the Housing and Wages in Vermontpublication, 61% of Vermont households have one or fewer wage earners, thusputting affordable housing further out of reach. “Go to thepeople. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with what they know. Build withwhat they have. The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task isaccomplished, the people will say they have done it themselves.” -LaoTzu Non-metro Vermont also ranks in the top ten for mostexpensive rural areas.The report, Out ofReach 2007-2008, provides the Housing Wage and related data forevery state, metropolitan area and county in the country. The National HousingWage is $17.32 in 2008; the Housing Wage for Vermont has risen to $16.07 perhour, or $33,342 per yearlast_img read more

The Dimensions of Security

first_imgBy Dialogo November 09, 2012 Interview with Major General Oswaldo Jarrín, current president of International Studies at the International University of Ecuador From his trench at the academy, retired Ecuadorean Army Major General Oswaldo Jarrín crumbles concepts and hypotheses, and examines and deciphers complex events with the self-assurance that his battlefield experience grants him. The retired general, who is currently president of the International Studies Center at the International University of Ecuador, had a key role during the long and complicated years in the history of his country: he was Minister of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Staff and Undersecretary of Defense. Two decades ago, Major Gen. Jarrín paused his military career to further his studies at the Inter-American Defense College, just outside Washington, D.C., where he returned last October as a panelist for the college’s 50th Anniversary Symposium. In an interview with Diálogo, the Ecuadorean Military academic discussed issues, such as the importance of cooperation of all state organizations in the fight against terrorism, the concept of multidimensional security, and the assistance that the Armed Forces can give. Diálogo: Major General Jarrín, in your opinion column in the Ecuadorean newspaper El Comercio, you emphasize that the problem of drug trafficking must be addressed from all sides. What role do you play in this holistic strategy at the Armed Forces? Major General (retired) Oswaldo Jarrín: The Ecuadorean Armed Forces are working directly on border security, in cooperation with other institutions that have the responsibility of participating in a counter drug strategy, such as the Police, with its counter drug units. It takes a holistic approach to address the drug phenomenon, because it seriously affects social values and economy. All these aspects are the responsibility of the state institutions in their fields. Therefore, the Armed Forces are monitoring border protection and security, the Police is focused on counter drug cooperation, Customs has their role… It is a comprehensive job of all institutions to preserve the law to protect our heritage and economy. Diálogo: During the sessions at the 50th Anniversary Symposium for the Inter-American Defense College, the concept of multidimensional security was mentioned several times, including being the example for dealing with new threats that face our countries. Could you elaborate on that? Maj. Gen. Jarrín: After several years of studies by experts, during the American States Organization (OAS) conference in Bridgetown and the Special Security Conference in Mexico in 2003, the concept of security, a product of the Cold War era, was updated. So, from 2003, that concept allowed us to see security in a wider perspective, in accordance with new threats. However, this concept left criteria in each state: according to sovereignty, to determine the priorities of these threats, and the necessary policies to address them. Proper strategies must be derived from these policies for each institution. Each state has two alternatives to carry out their institution’s missions, including the Armed Forces. The first one is their constitution. The second aspect is the international agreements and treaties that are part of the legal bodies that each state must abide by, so that government determines the national policy of how to apply the law and determine the measures to address the threats. Diálogo: So, considering this conventional security concept, what is the role of the Armed Forces in your country? Maj. Gen. Jarrín: In addition to abiding by the constitution, the Armed Forces have specific laws and policies for their missions. Since 2000, Ecuador established its National Defense Policy, which is the “white book”. It specifies scenarios, threats, composition of the defense system and how to apply it in different circumstances. For example, disaster response is a strategic objective in defense. Border protection and security are linked to national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Hence, the sea, the air space, and the borders are the specific responsibility of the Armed Forces. They will not combat these non-traditional threats directly, such as organized crime, because that is a police task. However, once a country has their borders secured, they [the Armed Forces] are already cooperating with the internal security of a state. Diálogo: In reference to natural disasters, I understand that your country received military support from other nations in the region during the aggressive forest fires that recently caused several deaths and destroyed thousands of acres of forests. Maj. Gen. Jarrín: Yes. First of all, we must recognize that the National Risk Secretary managed it very well, and there was excellent international cooperation. There is no country with the necessary conditions to confront these situations alone; they are risks more than a threat. We are talking about situations beyond the capability of institutions acting alone. We had the participation of helicopters and a specialized control team of forest fires from Chile, Venezuelan and Colombian planes, and an air tanker from Brazil. This was an example of cooperation. Diálogo: Do you think the Inter-American Defense College maintains the vitality and importance that motivated you to study here two decades ago? Maj. Gen. Jarrín: The IADC is definitely living up to the circumstances that they are faced with. In my presentation, I gave an analogy between the College and the OAS. The OAS has had an adaptive evolution, a response to the circumstances that have been taking place. Therefore, it went from collective defense to collective security, and then to cooperative security. This is a demonstration of how it responds to global geopolitical situations, to regional security needs, and to different situations. Discussions [during the IIADC’s Symposium] have been of high quality. And I think the ideas discussed on regional security are a great contribution for the whole continent.last_img read more

New judges bill clears Judiciary

first_imgNew judges bill clears Judiciary April 1, 2006 Regular News A bill approving all 66 new judgeships certified by the Florida Supreme Court has cleared the House Judiciary Committee.That panel also approved two other bills at its March 15 meeting that affect the court system.Rep. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, is sponsoring HB 113 creating the new judgeships. He told the committee that last year the legislature approved 55 of the 110 judgeships certified by the court, and this year’s bill adds the remaining 55 plus the 11 additional seats certified by the court this year.“All of the judges they have certified as necessary, we have funded,” Negron said. “We did not leave any out.”Several members of the committee praised the bill and Negron for sponsoring it. “This is important to every single one of your constituencies. Small business, family law matters, everything that goes to court is getting delayed because of this backlog of judges,” Rep. Jeff Kottkamp, R-Cape Coral, said.The committee approved the bill unanimously. It had already passed the Judiciary Appropriations Committee and next goes to the Fiscal Council, which Negron chairs. Similar bills have been introduced in the Senate, but had not been heard as this News went to press.The committee also passed HB 849, by Rep. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, which authorizes the Supreme Court to set up a system to certify and test court interpreters. Eleventh Circuit Chief Judge Joseph Farina testified in favor of the bill, saying it had the support of chief judges around the state and the Trial Court Budget Commission.He said the state now spends $8 million on court interpreters and “this bill will allow the Supreme Court to set up minimum standards and a testing procedure to make sure the interpreters who come into court are qualified.”Rep. J.C. Planas, R-Miami, said the bill could help reduce the number of cases overturned on appeal because of poor interpreting services during trials.The committee also passed HB 1099, sponsored by Planas, which offers policy support for the Supreme Court’s efforts to establish unified family courts and have a single judge handle all legal matters pertaining to a child.Planas said because of the separation of powers, the legislature cannot mandate the unified family courts being implemented by the Supreme Court, but the legislature can offer policy support. The bill inserts into several relevant statutes the legislature’s preference and support for the unified courts.“Children should benefit from having one judge in all their cases,” Planas said.center_img New judges bill clears Judiciarylast_img read more

NYC could no longer be the world financial capital

first_imgby: Sheila Anne FeeneyNew York City is in danger of losing its standing as the world financial capital, according to a report analyzing the financial services sector since the collpase of 2008.The financial services sector has lost 25,000 largely middle-wage jobs in the last five years, and 50,000 since 2000.While the financial sector accounts for 20% of the Big Apple’s economic output, $8 billion annually in city taxes and 310,000 jobs (8% of the city’s employees), it is imperiled by growing competition from financial hubs such as London, Hong Kong and Singapore, according to the report by Partnership for New York City and the Gerson Lerman Group.The report’s data was taken from a survey of 50 banks, insurance and financial service companies, asset managers and real estate companies.Cities such as Phoenix, Dallas and San Antonio, which have shown robust job growth in financial services jobs, were also stealing NYC’s thunder, said the report, titled “At Risk: New York’s Future as thr World Financial Capital.” continue reading » 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Cuomo: Federal government to send health care professionals to New York State

first_imgCuomo said that the first 325 individuals will be sent to New York City on Sunday. He said that doing this should help relieve some of the stress that hospitals are currently experiencing. Additionally, Governor Cuomo confirmed 8,327 more positive cases to add to the statewide total. The statewide total has now gone up to 122,031. (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the federal government is sending approximately 1,000 health professionals to New York State to help with the coronavirus on Sunday. In a press conference, Governor Cuomo announced that about 1,000 doctors, nurses, respiratory technicians and therapists will be sent to New York State by the federal government to help hospitals. For more coronavirus coverage, click here.last_img

Travel agencies are introducing vouchers. Passengers will realize paid trips, and agencies will ensure the continuation of business

first_img “Therefore, we offer a solution that should satisfy both parties – to enable passengers to make trips, and to ensure that agencies continue to operate.. In the hope that we will quickly overcome this crisis and get out of it with our heads held high, we join the appeals of the Civil Protection Headquarters to follow the instructions issued by”Fain emphasizes. Travel agencies are introducing vouchers that will enable passengers to realize already paid trips, while agencies will thus ensure the continuation of business The spread of the coronavirus has caused unprecedented disruptions in daily life, many industries and the economy – including the travel industry. UHPA President Tomislav Fain emphasizes that the money paid has not been lost, and that travel agencies in Croatia, as part of UHPA, plan to introduce vouchers. Photo: UHPA The consequences of the current situation are also felt by passengers – individual guests and groups, business people on trips and organized congresses, schoolchildren and their parents, and everyone else. All of them have duly paid for their trips, which due to force majeure, in these extraordinary circumstances, will not be realized and they expect compensation. From the recommendations of the competent institutions to temporarily postpone travel to the suspension of regular traffic lines, closing of borders and complete ban on travel of any kind, the coronavirus dealt a strong blow to travel agencies, travel organizers and tourism service providers. “We plan to start issuing vouchers to passengers for paid arrangements which, in the amount of the paid amount, they will be able to use for another trip, when all this is over, and as our colleagues in many European countries are already doing.Fain emphasizes. Travelers must know that their money did not remain in the travel agency’s account but was forwarded to the hotel, airline, carrier… therefore the working capital of a travel agency, mostly small or medium business, is limited and refunds to the service user it would be fatal for many of them.last_img read more

Gold Coast house snapped up before auction

first_imgThe upstairs living area.The property was one of the most-viewed properties on earlier this month.Ms Cunningham said its popularity came down to the “quality renovation”.“Its just goes to show a premium price can be achieved in a great location if it’s been built to a high standard,” Ms Cunningham said.“People will pay a premium for good workmanship.” Relax on the deck.The lounge area leads out to the deck and new pool as well as the lawn with lake access.Also on this level are two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry and a self-contained living wing complete with a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen. The kitchen and dining area overlooks the lake.“We listed it a week before Christmas and have had 150 inspections,” she said.“It was an overwhelming response.”Mr Cunningham said the buyers — a family living in the UK — wanted to return to Mermaid Waters after 18 months living abroad. The house is just as impressive at night. One of the bedrooms. 51 Barrier Reef Drive, Mermaid Waters sold for $1.8 million.A RENOVATED Gold Coast property set to go to auction this weekend has been snapped up for $1.8 million.The lakefront property at 51 Barrier Reef Drive, Mermaid Waters smashed the Lake Hugh Muntz record, according to agent Nicky Cunningham of Harcourts Broadbeach — Mermaid. A bathroom. From the street.“They’re on long service leave over in the UK,” she said.“Their parents have been on the lookout for them.“They basically did a walk-through via mobile phone.” The kitchen is a dream.Among the kitchen’s standout features are mermaid tiles, spotted gum timber on the walls, Smeg appliances and a walk-in pantry.Subtle touches of timber on the cabinetry also show Mr Welten’s attention to detail. What an entry!Feel mesmerised by the sheer space from the moment you step through the front door with the water vistas of Lake Hugh Muntz instantly grabbing your attention.The void is the perfect place for a quirky chandelier, while the timber floating staircase is set off by a large render feature wall. In front is just as inviting with the dining, lounge and kitchen providing space to relax or entertain. Take a splash in the lakefront pool.More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach Northless than 1 hour ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa20 hours agoThe property, which was profiled earlier this month, features wide water views, earthy vibes and an urban industrial twist.The edgy design is the work of Brad and Tracey Welten, who spent four months transforming an ’80s brick house into a statement property.last_img read more

Ind. Senator issues statement ahead of CIA Interrogation Report

first_imgSen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) released a statement regarding the Ind. Senator issues statement ahead of CIA Interrogation Report Tuesday.WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Senate Intelligence Committee is expected to release a report Tuesday on CIA interrogation tactics, including torture, in the post 9/11 years.The anticipated release has U.S. military and government members on heightened alert.Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.), a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, today released the following statement regarding the release of a report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation program:“The hallmark of a free society is open and transparent government, but certain disclosures must be carefully weighed against the potential damage to the national security interests of the United States and the security of the men and women who serve our country overseas.“This report contains no recommendations and offers only an unconstructive, partisan account of the last decade’s counterterrorism efforts. It is now time for the Senate Intelligence Committee to move past this long-settled issue and focus on the vitally important national security challenges currently facing our country.”last_img read more

EPL: Newcastle, Everton in four-goal thriller

first_imgRelatedPosts Fulham keen on Lookman loan deal EPL: Calvert-Lewin treble fires Everton past West Brom EPL: Everton set to compound West Brom woes Newcastle pulled off a miraculous comeback against Everton on Tuesday evening. The Toffees looked as if they would cruise to victory when they were 2-0 up deep into stoppage time. But it all went horribly wrong for them. With Newcastle 2-0 down in the 70th minute, Steve Bruce decided to send on Florian Lejeune. That proved to be an inspired decision. The Frenchman popped up in the box in the 94th minute and managed to score an overhead kick. Great technique by the defender, but it looked as if it would only amount to a consolation goal. However, just 90 seconds later, Newcastle would find a dramatic equaliser. And it was Lejeune who was the hero once again. Newcastle were given a free-kick and had one last chance to pump the ball into the area. Ferderico Fernandez found himself in space but it looked as if their chance had gone when his effort cannoned off the post. Newcastle kept it alive though and, after a goal-mouth scramble, Lejeune poked home once again to pull off an unlikely draw. Many fans of the club were angry when Bruce replaced the popular Rafa Benitez in the summer. But Bruce, like Benitez did, is doing very well at the Tyne and Wear club. Everton, on the other hand, will be absolutely gutted with that result. They were the better team for pretty much the whole game. But they went to sleep in the final stages and they were made to pay. Everton and Newcastle are now 11th and 12th respectively having both won 30 points from their 24 Premier League games.Tags: Evertonlorian LejeuneNewcastleSteve Brucelast_img read more

Five leave Maine women’s basketball team

first_imgELLSWORTH — The University of Maine women’s basketball team will grant releases to five players who intend to transfer, the school announced in a press release last Thursday.Players leaving the program are forwards Laia Sole, Anita Kelava and Tihana Stojsavljevic and guards Naira Caceres and Isabel Hernandez Pepe. All but Hernandez Pepe were freshmen.“We would like to thank these five student-athletes for their contributions to our program over their time at the University of Maine and wish them well in their future endeavors,” associate head coach Amy Vachon said in the release.Sole will be the biggest loss for the Black Bears next season. The Igualada, Spain, native was second on the team with an average of 9.4 points per game and ended the year as one of the team’s top-five players in field-goal percentage, rebounds, assists and minutes played. Sole was named America East Sixth Player of the Year.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textKelava was fourth on the team in field-goal percentage and started 17 games. Hernandez Pepe and Caceres started eight games each, and the latter finished the year as the team’s No. 3 rebounder. Stojsavljevic did not start a game this season, during which she played a total of only 91 minutes.The losses are significant blow to a Maine team that was set to return 13 of 14 players from a team that made it all the way to the America East championship game earlier this month. The Black Bears also face coaching uncertainties; Vachon is still taking over for sixth-year head coach Richard Barron, who took a medical leave of absence Jan. 6.last_img read more