Nova Scotias Cold Snap Brings Sand

first_imgDrivers in Nova Scotia may be surprised to see sand on the road instead of salt, during extra cold winter days. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has a variety of tools it uses to combat the elements during the winter season, including more than 400 pieces of snow-removal equipment, 300,000 tonnes of road salt and 100,000 tonnes of winter sand. When temperatures dip below -10 C, salt is no longer an effective de-icer. So the department switches to sand or a salt-sand mixture when temperatures fall that low. Harsh winter storms are a part of life in Nova Scotia, which is why the department has 800 full-time winter operators on call 24-7 to clear roads. When severe winter storms hit, the department encourages people to stay at home to ensure everyone’s safety, and to allow winter operators to properly clear roads. If it is necessary to drive during a storm, remember to check road conditions and to adjust driving speeds to the conditions. For road information, call 511 for provincial highway conditions, or 1-888-432-3233 for local road information. Drivers should also follow traffic at a safe distance, be aware of black ice that can form instantly, keep vehicles in top working order and have a winter survival kit in vehicles. More winter driving tips, plow priorities and other maintenance facts, can be found on the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal’s website at: read more

Yukon mine is mothballed as soft copper markets derail planned sale

VANCOUVER — A Vancouver-based mining company says soft copper and equity markets have combined to undermine the sale of its property in central Yukon, so it plans to shut the Minto Mine until a better opportunity is found.Capstone Mining Corp. says in a release that Pembridge Resources has been unable to arrange financing to purchase the copper mine, and the two companies have terminated the agreement announced in February.About 200 employees and contractors will be affected as mining operations are expected to stop almost immediately and milling operations will wrap up as soon as the current ore stockpile is processed.Capstone says only a core team of workers will stay to oversee the site and meet environmental monitoring and legal obligations while the mine is put into temporary care and maintenance.Capstone initially agreed to sell Minto to Pembridge for US$37.5 million, plus working capital adjustments and common shares representing 9.9 per cent of the issued and outstanding shares.Capstone had planned to use the net proceeds primarily to reduce its own outstanding borrowings but president Darren Pylot says keeping Minto in a holding pattern is an option until markets pick up.“The decision to put Minto on care and maintenance while we seek alternatives is to preserve and maximize its value,” Pylot says in the statement Thursday.“The team will ensure Minto can be restarted efficiently and safely once the copper and equity markets improve.”Costs to place the mine on care and maintenance are estimated to be approximately US$5 million in each of 2018 and 2019, with ongoing costs expected to be under US$4 million annually in 2020 and later, the Capstone statement says.Companies mentioned in this article: (TSX:CS) read more