Crash Baggage Robust durable suitcase collection is made to last

first_img– Advertisement – Tired of poor-quality luggage? The Crash Baggage Robust durable suitcase collection is travel-friendly and long-lasting. Its aluminum frame makes it lightweight for portability while also making it less susceptible to damage. From looking at this durable suitcase, you’ll recognize its unique design and appearance. In fact, this makes it less likely to dent or break while you’re on your travels. It’ll also keep your clothes and accessories organized inside because it comes with a panel that divides it into two compartments. Therefore, you can keep your belongings organized and clean. You’ll also receive an interior bag to keep your dirty laundry separate. So, if you find yourself tired of retrieving your luggage with visible wear and tear, opt for this durable suitcase collection.last_img read more

Travel agencies are introducing vouchers. Passengers will realize paid trips, and agencies will ensure the continuation of business

first_img “Therefore, we offer a solution that should satisfy both parties – to enable passengers to make trips, and to ensure that agencies continue to operate.. In the hope that we will quickly overcome this crisis and get out of it with our heads held high, we join the appeals of the Civil Protection Headquarters to follow the instructions issued by”Fain emphasizes. Travel agencies are introducing vouchers that will enable passengers to realize already paid trips, while agencies will thus ensure the continuation of business The spread of the coronavirus has caused unprecedented disruptions in daily life, many industries and the economy – including the travel industry. UHPA President Tomislav Fain emphasizes that the money paid has not been lost, and that travel agencies in Croatia, as part of UHPA, plan to introduce vouchers. Photo: UHPA The consequences of the current situation are also felt by passengers – individual guests and groups, business people on trips and organized congresses, schoolchildren and their parents, and everyone else. All of them have duly paid for their trips, which due to force majeure, in these extraordinary circumstances, will not be realized and they expect compensation. From the recommendations of the competent institutions to temporarily postpone travel to the suspension of regular traffic lines, closing of borders and complete ban on travel of any kind, the coronavirus dealt a strong blow to travel agencies, travel organizers and tourism service providers. “We plan to start issuing vouchers to passengers for paid arrangements which, in the amount of the paid amount, they will be able to use for another trip, when all this is over, and as our colleagues in many European countries are already doing.Fain emphasizes. Travelers must know that their money did not remain in the travel agency’s account but was forwarded to the hotel, airline, carrier… therefore the working capital of a travel agency, mostly small or medium business, is limited and refunds to the service user it would be fatal for many of them.last_img read more

Nest Glitch Leaves Some Homeowners Cold

first_imgThe Nest Learning Thermostat lets homeowners control temperatures remotely via an internet connection, the same feature making automatic software updates possible. But an update in December came with a bug that caused some thermostats to malfunction two weeks later, in some cases turning off the heat in the middle of the night.The New York Times was the first to report the glitch earlier this month, noting that an unknown number of the $249 thermostats went on the fritz. A malfunctioning thermostat could pose serious problems for people who had installed one in a second home where pipes could freeze and burst, The Times noted, or to older or ill people without much tolerance for cold temperatures.The problem stemmed from a software update that the company pushed out in December. It contained a flaw that didn’t start appearing for another two weeks. The company didn’t say how many users were affected, but said the issue has since been resolved for almost all customers.Tempers flared, and customers began posting comments to an online forum, complaining about losing heat.“I guess that there’s some comfort that I’m not the only one with this problem,” one person wrote. “But I’ll be a little bit hysterical — WHAT IS NEST DOING ABOUT IT? It’s the middle of January, and we need heat here in the Northeast. I’ve disconnected from wifi in the hope that there will be enough of a charge to keep the heat going.”Another wrote on January 7, “I have 2 Nests and they both died! Woke up to a 60 degree house with no way to turn the thermostat up manually. Took 4 calls to customer service with a wait time on HOLD of over 2 HOURS! Some of the worst customer service I have experienced with a tech company. The only answer was to restart the unit! And that didn’t work. I should have gotten a Honeywell!” Nest posts reset procedure In a statement posted at its website, Nest said that some thermostats updated to software version 5.1.3 or later “may become unresponsive or may not charge the battery efficiently, causing it to shut down.”Nest suggested that customers recharge and restart the thermostat. If the thermostat was on but running slowly, or if the thermostat could not be controlled, a simple reboot should do the trick. If the thermostat was off and could not be turned back on, the company outlined a nine-step process to set things right.Nick Bilton, the Times reporter who initially wrote about the Nest problem, said that it was part of a larger problem in which smart devices go haywire: wireless fobs for cars that can be bypassed by thieves, wristbands that are supposed to keep track of the user’s heart rate but don’t, and malfunctioning touch pads on entry doors.Bilton said that a clause in the Nest service agreement bars customers from suing the company in the event of a problem. Instead, disputes must go through arbitration.“So,” he wrote, “if a pipe bursts in your home because the thermostat stopped working, or if your grandmother falls ill because the heat shuts off in the middle of the night and she doesn’t have a micro USB cable, you can’t sue.”last_img read more