Iago Falque: “I have been alone in a hotel for 50 days, the worst is not the physical condition”

first_imgFalque, like his teammates in Italy, expects a decision soon about football, because you can’t expect much more. “For better or for worse it will be soon, it seemed that we were going to return on May 18 to train, but now it is not clear, I would like to play again, many of us think so, but under the rules, I do not like to speak without knowing in depth of what I am talking about, without the data that the experts have, “he affirms while assessing the feeling of some soccer players in Spain who affirmed that they did not consider playing while there is no vaccine. “Disinformation is a problem and I, honestly, am not prepared to say this or that, few can do it, but it is clear that if football has to wait for the vaccine it would be very catastrophic. There are many people who are already working and They do it without a vaccine, but I insist, I do not like to speak without knowing, I just hope that we get out of this looking to the future in the best way, we want to resume soccer and life, “he explains. Iago Falque (Vigo, 1990) signed for Genoa in the January market. He came on loan from Torino, a club with which he still has two more years of contract. He intended to recover sensations in Genoa, after a long injury that had him convalescing from November to January, but the coronavirus has suddenly stopped that desire and has confined him to a hotel in Genoa, where he has spent all the confinement. “We already see the end closer and that makes you look differently at everything that has happened, I cannot say that I have been unlucky, because my family and I are in good health,” he says without hesitation, cloistered in his room singing a half Italian half Galician accent. Iago has already spent many years in Italy, divided into several stages, in Genoa he had already been. From there he relates to AS how he has been stranded in the club’s concentration hotel. “I have been since March 10, when we held the last group training, my idea was to come to Genoa these months to help the club and recover rhythm after an injury, so it was not a matter of looking at a house, everything exploded and no longer I moved because I didn’t know what was going to happen, “he says. Soccer, like almost everywhere, is stopped and Iago is living it alone in a room while he expectantly follows the news and the contradictions that are taking place in these hours. The last was the decree by which you could go running alone in the parks, but it was not yet tolerated that teams could do it in their sports centers in the same way. “It was a contradiction, we cannot go to the sports city to run in shifts under strict medical and distancing control and yes to a park, I understand that it is a complicated situation and the people who have to decide have to have many things in counts, but at first glance it seems illogical “, he wields. His team, Genoa lived a difficult situation before the break, fourth down the queue, looking to maintain the category. “I came with that objective, to help achieve it, hopefully it can be achieved and that of Torino, the club to which I belong, too,” he says. Curiously, Falque has also met Davide Nicola, the team’s coach, at the hotel, who like him also played as a player in Genoa and Torino. “We chat from time to time about what is happening, but it is being hard to have to go through it alone, especially in the psychological part; physically I am busy, it is not the worst, I am lucky that there is a terrace with grass and I have space to exercise, there are already more than 50 sessions that I have done, in the end the problem is the uncertainty that eats you from knowing that you are doing this alone but you do not know if it is going to be played or not “, He wields thinking that it will not be easy to pick up the pulse of training to return to compete, more thinking that he was coming out of an injury.Iago acknowledges that the footballers of his team agree that it is time to lean on the shoulder, when asked about the salary cuts, but there he still waits to see what happens with the competition, stressing that they will make an effort, although the solution is not that everything is in charge of the players. “We are going to see what happens first with the competition, to see what the captains tell us, but we agree to lend a hand that is fair to everyone,” he says.With data from Italy and Spain, Iago observes the two realities very similar. Often, he talks to his family and when he talks about measures, he is aware that it is not easy to take or adopt them. Her mother, Carmela Silva, is president of the Diputación de Pontevedra. “It seems that they are controlling it well there, fortunately, he tells me that all possible precautions are being taken now for the next phases that are to come,” he says. On matchday 33 of the championship (in Italy the twenty-sixth had not yet been completed), Genoa had to visit Torino. “If we talk about the future, of course, I have to think about Torino, I still have a contract with them, what I hope is that both Toro and Genoa manage to stay, the best news would be that this game could be played and that we all get the goal is my wish, “he explains.last_img read more